If you’ve contemplated joining your local CrossFit gym in 2017 this information is for you. 

I’m going to share some facts not often shared by CrossFit gym owners…  

Despite the hate and controversy that can at times surround CrossFit we must be doing something right as CrossFit gym owners. With hundreds of thousands of people now using CrossFit as their training program worldwide the results seen by those who are willing to give it a try are nothing short of amazing. 

Whether you’re eager to try your first session or just slightly curious about what goes on.

Keep reading because this information will help... 



CrossFit is a group strength and conditioning program which is scaled to suit the ability and fitness level of each client.  

Our classes run for 1 hour and in that time you will perform a warm up, some form of strength training and then a workout. A typical workout can last anywhere from 5 - 25 minutes depending on the day. We want you to be a well rounded and train all of your energy systems. Not just an endurance specialist or insanely strong but a combination of both.  

We do put a big emphasis on building strength because if you are strong the hard things in life get easier and the easy things… well they just become easier…  



Instead of complex machines, free weights and mirrors everywhere you will find a much smaller amount of equipment. Barbells, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, bumper plates, pull up bars and kettlebells to name a few. We will coach you to use each piece of equipment so if you were to travel or one day train by yourself you know exactly what to do.  

You will also be coached every time you step foot in the box. Our coaches will invest time in helping you improve all aspects of your fitness… whether it be a skill or technical movement or something simple like how to approach a workout so you get the best results.



It depends on your goals… If you want to build strength, be more athletic and fitter our CrossFit program will definitely help. If however you want to specialise in something CrossFit may not be the best program for you…  

If your goals are centered around increasing muscle size for bodybuilding or running a triathlon then there are aspects of our program which can help but... extra time will need to be dedicated to work on those specific goals.



YES you definitely can! Our program is always scaleable. Whether you’re a teenager, in your 50’s or 30 weeks pregnant (yes we have women who train with us until this time) we can modify the workout so you can do something which will improve you fitness and strength every time you come in!

(This may seem impossible at times but with consistency I can promise you it does happen)

You will never be forced to do something you aren’t completely prepared to do and you will always be coached or shown how to perform the movements before being asked to do them…




You can expect to be challenged. Most people come in with expectations which turn out to be untrue… You can expect to do movements you’ve never heard of, exert more energy than you’re used to and start from the beginning.

This is all normal! It is a learning curve and if you’re willing to learn and try new things you will improve much faster than you think and have fun while do so.  

There is also no rule we have which states you have to love CrossFit. If you try it and don’t enjoy a class, the trainer or the workout then try a different gym or class time and find one which suits you.



Like all things in life some are good and some aren’t going to be the best fit for you… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and look for the person with the most certificates or qualifications this can at times be misleading…  

The key to finding a good coach is finding someone whose values align with yours, who motivates you and inspires you. I personally invest in coaching for multiple aspects of my life (including training) and hold education and self improvement as my highest values. If I expect my clients to pay for coaching from me I believe I need to set the example and lead from the front by investing in myself.




Yes you could. You could also get hurt stepping off the bus, burn your hand on the stove or slip over in the bath. My point here is that we do each of these things anyway and understand the risks involved and mitigate them to make the activity as safe as possible.

With the help of your coach you will do this before every workout. If you follow the directions, take on board the tips given and scale the movements to suit your ability you will be at very low risk of having to worry about injury.



CrossFit gym memberships are more expensive than commercial or 24 hour gyms. While commercial gyms sell thousands of memberships and hope you don’t turn up we have far fewer members but hope you come in most days. We remember your name, how much you can lift are genuinely interested in you. You are not just another number to us!  

What is it worth to you to have someone write your training program, show you how to perform the movements correctly, scale the movements so you get the best results from your time in the gym and follow up with you when we don’t see you for a couple of days?



From the outside looking in it can appear like this. Just like any other fitness program or sport those who train a certain way will always think their way is best… Just like Rugby league players VS AFL…

CrossFit when you muster the courage to start is actually very inclusive or at least it should be. When you join your first class you should be made to feel welcome and meet all of those you are about to train with. Shake their hands and introduce yourself and look to them for support or motivation on your fitness journey.

Still on the fence…  

If you have been wanting to try CrossFit but think you’re not fit enough? You have no idea what to expect in a class? Or want a little more information about what we do and why we do it? Then...  

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