Regardless of a person’s past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who first comes to CrossFit Agilis is provided with the opportunity to learn about basic techniques, terminology, pre-workout warm ups and exercises before participating in regular classes. We provide a 2 step process for new people to get started.

Step 1

Send your inquiry through the "Get started now" button below. Shaun or Matt will contact you to discuss your background and goals.

To get started, please complete the below form to get started on your CrossFit journey

Step 2

3 x one-on-one sessions

These are for all people new to CrossFit, regardless of one’s previous athletic background. These one-on-one sessions will provide you with the techniques and skills necessary for maintaining safety and maximising your results when you enter the group classes. The one-on-ones will be scheduled with one of our coaches at a time that works best for both parties. Please contact Matt or Shaun to schedule a time. 

Visiting from a CrossFit box?

If you are visiting from another CrossFit box, please tell us a bit about yourself before coming in.