The 5 Step Guide To Choosing Your Next Gym


1. Do They Have An On-boarding System For New Clients?

(Something other than just throwing you into a class) 

This is a must! 

When stepping into a gym for the first time or performing movements you have never done, you need to be taught how to do them correctly.

Especially in CrossFit gyms with the use of gymnastics and olympic weightlifting as major parts of the program. Not too many regular gym goers can say with honesty they have done these movements before... 

Another important aspect is to make sure your coach asks you what your goals are. 

Teaching you how to move correctly is important, but equally important is knowing what you want to achieve in your training so we can deliver that result for you! 

This is a sign your coach actually cares about you! 


2. Do They Offer Follow Up After Training?

What happens after you sign up?

Do you just fall into the classes and learn everything as you go? 

Do your coaches send you valuable training information?

Do you coaches hold you accountable to reaching your goals?   

Are your coaches contactable outside of class times? 

Most new clients in gyms during the first couple of weeks are second guessing whether they made the right choice and whether or not it will be for them. Particularly if they have just joined a CrossFit gym... 

It is also the time when you are most motivated. 

What do CrossFit Agilis clients receive after they sign up?

A whole range of information compiled from the most frequently asked questions asked by clients at the early stages of their training.

This involves a comprehensive series of emails, articles and even a personal podcast series to educate them on all facets of training with us and our philosophy.

Nutrition, sleep and recovery are just a few of the many topics discussed.

This is the new standard you should expect!


3. Do You Get Coached Every Session? 

At a normal gym you are paying to use the equipment and nothing else. Half the time is is probably being used by someone else and you can't use it anyway... 

Do you get what you pay for?

In a CrossFit box you are paying for not only the use of equipment but for a coach.

The coach will guide you through each class and provide you with a workout strategy, help determine how much weight to lift and how to perform all movements correctly.

Your coach should also be able to answer questions about the training program CLICK HERE to read an article about this…


4. Do They Offer Extra Classes or Specialty Programs?

Once you start training there will be things you love plus things you want and need to improve on...  

Do they have a way of helping you get better at individual elements of your training?

Do they give you the choice to work on those elements specifically?

Personal training, group sessions or specialty classes?

Ask what extra programs they run and what is involved in each of these. It is a great way to focus in on some skills and aspects of fitness you may not have worked on before or to change up your routine and try something different…

If they just offer CrossFit classes and you want more


5. Do They Hold Regular Social Events?

Let’s face it you're not training to be an elite athlete so why should it be all about training.

You need to enjoy your fitness and use it outside of they gym. 

What regular social events does this gym hold? If any? 

Bouldering, birthday parties, burgers and adventure retreats are just a few of the things we have done in recent months as social activities.


Never tried CrossFit but want to get started? 

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