4 Training and Nutrition Myths Every Woman Needs To Know

1. Will lifting heavy weights make me bulky

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive when talking to women about starting CrossFit is “Will I get bulky or get big muscles” Your muscles will certainly get bigger from lifting weights but don’t flatter yourself and think you will look like a professional athlete from picking up some heavy weights a couple of times per week. It takes a lot more dedication and hard work than the average person is willing to put in. Women can have up to 20 times less testosterone than men so building muscle becomes is seriously hard work. The bulky look women often don’t want is brought about because it is a common thought that if you train you can eat whatever you want and it will be fine. That’s why you train right? The one problem with this is that you will still retain your body fat % and your muscles are getting bigger and pushing that body fat out further so you will appear even “bulkier”. Regular exercise and good eating habits will lead to a toned and athletic looking figure not bulky or muscular.  


2. All calories are created equal. If you want to lose weight just eat less

This could not be further from the truth…

This may work in the short term but after a while those who restrict themselves usually bounce back and weigh the same if not more after a short period of time because they will binge to make up for what they missed out on. The goal should not be to eat less it should instead be to eat the same amount but a better quality of food. If you stick to following prescription for 85% of your meals throughout each week you will notice a significant change in your body composition. “Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seed, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat”

Those who follow this consistently see the best results. It is not a fad diet or a 6 week challenge it is the way you eat for the rest of your life.


3. Cardio will help me lose weight faster than weight training will

In the 70’s and 80’s this was the way to lose weight and keep fit. We have since learnt that this is not the best way. Running on a treadmill or around the bay or doing 20 mins on a crosstrainer is NOT better for you than lifting weights. Combining the 2 WILL get you the best results. Building lean muscle mass from lifting weights will increase your metabolism which burns more energy while you’re at rest. Being stronger will allow you to run for longer and do more cardio training with a reduced risk of injury. This is the perfect scenario for weight loss.


4. Eating fat will make me fat and carbs are the enemy!  

How many times have you heard if you eat fat you will get fat… This is not the case. Due to the progression of the modern diet fats are taken out of foods and replaced with sugar to make them taste nicer. Because of this our bodies have become sugar burners and not fat burners like they were intended to be. Eating an excess of carbohydrates is what puts on weight. Things like breads, cereals, pastas, rice, potatoes, sweets and treats are all a major part of the modern diet and have taken the place of vegetables. The body is not made to process all of these foods.

On the other hand eating no carbs will lead to a loss of energy, stress, fatigue etc and is not the answer. So what does work? Eating the foods I mentioned earlier in a ratio of about 30% protein 40% carbohydrates and 30% fats. If you are currently not doing this it will take a little while for your body to adjust but like I mentioned earlier those who remain consistent will see the best results.


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