Master These 4 Movements To Succeed In The 2016 CrossFit Open


Thrusters are the original defining “CrossFit” movements you will have performed. They wreak havoc on the body, demanding both cardio endurance and muscular endurance. If you really want to do well in the CrossFit Open you need to be able to rep them out in high volumes and fast at 95lbs for guys and 65lbs for girls. With increased capacity in thrusters many other movements like wall balls, front squats, cleans etc become so much easier too so it makes sense to get good at them! If you haven’t done them in a while I suggest you put in a couple of last minute practice sessions.

Muscle ups:

My guess is that if you have muscle ups in the bag you can also do a chest to bar pull up or 2… These are also essential to doing well in the open and in high volumes. The muscle up has always been a tipping point for many in Open workouts. Last year with the introduction of the scaled division they were thrown at the start of the workout to weed out those who couldn’t get over the rings but in previous years have been put at the end so everybody can have a go rx. This year bar muscle ups may be introduced to throw a spanner in the works??? Time will only tell…



If you can Snatch you can Clean if you can Clean you can Deadlift… My point in saying this is the Snatch is the most technical of the movements and if you can perform it chances are the rest are all pretty easy and you’re confident with them. One if not all of these movements will show their faces this year like they have all others. High reps, low reps, heavy or light we will have to wait and see but if you’re hitting weights at or above previous years open workouts have had then you’re on the right track!

Toes To Bar:

Almost as elusive as the Kipping Pull Up the Toes To Bar are a pain point for many. Whether it be getting your first because in the beginning that bar seems so far away or for those who get their first having the frustration of linking 2 together! Like all previous years TTB do not come in small numbers so if you can do 2 or 3 at a time you will get the work done 2 or 3 times as fast as those who are struggling away with singles.

My predictions:

I have never been one to speculate for hours about which workouts will come out but this year I will have a go at predicting a couple... There will be a repeat of 15.5 Yes the brutal thruster and rowing combo from last year. It got so much publicity and Castro loves a repeat so my money is on that one to come out again. I am not looking forward to it and I'm sure many of you aren't either! 

We had a max effort Clean and Jerk last year so it would make sense to have a max effort Snatch this year or even a repeat of the Clean and Jerk to compare to last year. 

Yes there may be new and different movements to come out and there will be a surprise or surprises which we won’t see coming but you need to remember when speculating about the movements they all need to be easily judged, easily filmed, easily measured and accessible to all CrossFit boxes as the end goal of the CrossFit Open is qualifying to find the “fittest on earth” so it must be open and accessible for all to have a crack! 

No matter what comes out there will be thousands of PR's each week across the world during the Open WOD's. This is the best time of year for affiliates and where your year of hard work pays off. You get to throw down with your mates and compare scores with mates at other affiliates and be in awe of the times put up by the likes of Froning, Fraser, Smith, Webb, Camille and Foucher.