Can You Answer These Questions About Your Current Training Volume

In today's fast paced lifestyle everyone is concerned with doing more than everybody else. But... Is more always better? Is doing more work with a decreased intensity going to help you get to the goals you desire or is it going to lead to you doing work for the sake of doing work? Doing more work at a lower intensity can be ok in but how much intensity is too much and where should you draw the line?

Firstly what is training?

Training is a choice to stress your physical body and mental capacity beyond the limits you thought previously possible then through RESTING enough and allowing your body to recover you become stronger and more capable than you were before… (For any strength and conditioning nuts this is also known as supercompensation)

Does more time in the gym equal faster results?

More time in the gym does not mean you will get better faster. This mindset often leads to niggling injuries, illness, over training and workouts which lack intensity and have you just going through the motions because it is what you do everyday.

Constantly pushing yourself whether sore or not just because you want to train every single day is not the way to go about training. While initially this approach may work it will cause too much stress on your body over time and you will soon find yourself questioning why you are spending more time with a physio or chiro than in the gym and training…

Why are you training?

At the end of the day you are training to improve your well being and the quality of your life. If this is not happening you need to take a look at all of the things you are currently doing and restructure your training and lifestyle to allow you to continue moving forwards rather than plateauing or moving backwards.

It can be hard to do sometimes. Admitting that you are wrong is hard but if you ask yourself and give yourself an honest answer then you will find a way!

Here are 4 questions you need to answer to see if you’re training too much…

  1.  When was the last time you had a rest day. If you haven’t had a complete day away from exercise in 4 or 5 days then you should probably take one.

  2. Has your performance over the last 2 workouts felt good or do you feel you could have gone a little bit harder? If you could go harder it is time to rest. 

  3. Do you have any niggles or strains which just don’t seem to be improving even though you are scaling your workouts. Do 1 less workout per week until it feels better. 

  4. Is your current training volume sustainable for the goals you are trying to achieve?

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”

Vince Lombardi