Overcoming Training Plateaus

You feel like your training has plateaued

You feel like you are in a bit of a rut

Every now and then you need to check in with yourself and find out WHY…

Here are the things I focus on and remind myself of when I feel like everything is not going my way

Set your intent

Setting your intent is probably the most important thing you can do at the start of every workout. You need to know what you’re aiming for if you want to achieve something. I’m guessing if you’re like most people you have goals around your work life so why should your training be any different. This key is to set your intent before every training session. It should be the first thing you do when you look at the workout for the day.

It can be as simple as writing up the weight you want to hit on the board for a 1RM so everyone can see or picking a time or an amount of reps you want to hit in a particular workout. Aim high within reason and you will surprise yourself more often than not!

Listen to your coach

When your coach is giving you a brief of the workout for the day they are not doing it for their own benefit so just listen in for the 1 - 2 minutes it takes to go through it. You never know they could just drop the one knowledge bomb that totally makes sense to you and is game changer in your training!

This also goes for how to break up workouts or the weight which you should use to get the most from that session. Let your coach know what your intent is or talk with your coach and get them to help you set your intent for that workout. Each and every workout you do you should be working towards a goal whether small or big and your coach will help you get there if you first tell them what it is then listen to advice.  

Follow the program

This goes without saying. If everybody else in the gym is making progress and you are stuck in the same place chances are it is not the programming that has you stuck there. Take a step back and assess what is happening inside and outside of the gym and see where the problem stems from. Diet, busy work schedule, relationship stresses. Don’t be so quick to blame other factors and ignore the elephant in the room.

Chopping and changing between cool looking workouts and different programming combined with adding in extra squat days here and there might seem like a good idea at the time and by doing extra work you may think progress will come faster but in my experience this is never the case. Extra programming needs to fit in with the programming you’re currently doing. It needs to be well thought out and with your goals and needs in mind. This is hard to do for yourself and is why all the top athletes in the world all have coaches who program or run them through their sessions. It is human nature to hate doing the things we aren’t good at!

Be consistent

Maintaining consistency is key if you want to achieve anything. You need to be consistently putting in the work to reach any worthwhile goal.  love the quote:

“Don’t let one bad day let you feel like you have a bad life”

It’s not every training session you will hit a new PR or beat your old time in a workout but if you show up consistently I promise you it will happen more regularly!

Enjoy the journey

Being too caught up in the end goal or result is something everyone has had a problem with at some stage. Instead of focusing on the end result, celebrate the small wins along the way. Set up little checkpoints along the way if need be to reward yourself or to remind yourself that you are making progress and although you haven’t reached the end point you are stepping closer to achieving your goal.

Training should be the best part of your day! You get to run around, jump around and throw things around all while getting sweaty, fitter and stronger with friends. The music is turned up and you are doing things that before you started CrossFit would have thought you could never do!