Whole Life Challenge - 16th January 2016

CrossFit Agilis is inviting you and your friends to register for the January 2016 WLC. The team had huge success in September from weight loss to muscle gain as well as huge changes in our attitudes to our nutritional plan. Regardless if you loved it, failed at it, want to be held accountable for your nutrition or just enjoy the support network, register for the January 2016 challenge and commit to getting your nutrition and lifestyle on track today!


"I have tried almost every diet or healthy eating plan that has come and gone over the years. So when I heard that CFA was doing the Whole Life Challenge I was super keen to try it. What I really liked about the challenge is that it wasn’t calorie counting and it wasn’t strict portion controlled. As long as you were eating the right things you could have as much as you liked. I also really liked that fact that it looked at all aspects of healthy lifestyle- Nutrition, Exercise, Hydration, Supplements etc.

 At the beginning it was super hard. For the first 7-10 days I was grumpy, moody and agitated and couldn’t remember why I wanted to do it in the first place. Matt created a Facebook group for everyone on the challenge and, doing it in a team made it so much easier. There was always someone to talk to about how you were feeling (daily reflection is encouraged). It was also a great way for people to post recipes and share nutrition advice. Matt would post updates every day and gave great guidance and nutrition help throughout the challenge. I also got to met some awesome people that I probably wouldn’t have normally through the gym

 The hardest part for me was the no drinking. I defiantly lost a few points on the sneaky wine here and there, but the best part of this challenge is that it’s OK to have a drink and its OK to have a chocolate bar if you want. It’s all about learning to eat consciously and in moderation.

 My final results after 56 days were unreal. Fitness wise, I doubled my score from the benchmark workout. (I had a score of 81 on the first round and 162 on the final round) I lost 2.5kg of body fat and went from 24.9% body fat to 22.5% body fat without loosing any muscle mass.

 I now LOVE the healthier lifestyle I have created. I feel strong and have so much more energy. I no longer crave sugar and im still able to enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

So if you are looking at becoming Fitter, Faster, Stronger and Healthier, I would defiantly recommend signing up for the next WLC with CFA."


"I took part in the recent Whole Life Challenge with team CFA. I was already fairly healthy and trained regularly, so was surprised by the big, positive results that some small changes made for me over the challenge period. 

The challenge is based on seven healthy habits which made me conscious of daily choices I was making. I found it much easier to prioritise these with the support and encouragement from our awesome team.  

I really like that the challenge is about making conscious decisions and good habits becoming normal behaviour over time rather than short-term, extreme changes that are not sustainable. 

There were definitely days that I chose to have a few extra glasses of wine, skipped exercise or didn’t drink enough water, but that was OK.  At the end of eight weeks I was stronger, healthier, fitter, had lost some body fat and gained some muscle.  Most importantly for me, I have continued many habits now more than one month after finishing." 

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