11 Signs CrossFit Is Your Obsession


Here are 11 ways to tell if your CrossFit training has become an obsession

Read below to see if you tick the box to some of these things which may make you appear a little obsessed to those non-CrossFitters around you…

Just remember the word OBSESSED is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated! 

1. You don’t like rest days

You can’t stand having rest days because the guy or girl who is always that one step ahead of you in the box never does so why should you... 

2. You have on occasion stayed up way later than expected to refresh the box’s website and check the WOD for the next day

You’re constantly thinking please don’t let it be…. 

3. Two simple words like Wall Balls can ruin a good day for you

Such a simple but brutal movement and you know they don’t usually come in small doses…

4. You are always asked about or conscious about your ripped hands, bruised shins and double under whip marks

People notice and love to ask… But they just don’t understand the feeling of not finishing a WOD… In the moment nothing will stop you from reaching the end to get the RX next to your name! 

5. You find yourself practising the Olympic lifts or squats at home with a broomstick or other household items

No household item is off limits. Anything that can be snatched or squatted is fair game! Your housemate, partner or parents think you're a weirdo and they're probably right... let's face it though we have all done it! 

6. You think and talk in acronyms… tomorrow's WOD is an AMRAP with HSPU, OHS and SDLHP

You can say a whole sentence in acronyms that only your friends from the box would understand…

7. You were only at the gym for an hour but changed your shoes at least twice

You have your lifting shoes, your WOD shoes but if the wod has lifting and running but not much running and you don’t know what to do… 

8. Your Facebook profile picture has either lots of sweat, chalk a barbell, some rings and or a pained workout face

You scroll through the pictures of the last games day or comp and find the one with you either lifting the most weight, looking buff/skinny and appear to be in first place. Then share the hell out of it!

9. You feel drawn to doing a pull up and or handstand against objects that others wouldn't normally consider

You don’t look at things the same anymore. Any bar or wall is fair game to practice your gymnastics skills or show off your pull ups, muscle ups or handstand push ups. 

10. You know that taking your shirt off definitely makes you faster and stronger

Just like buying a red car means it will go faster you take your shirt off and your super powers kick in! And hey you have worked hard to look good so why not show it off!

11. You have at least on one occasion had to demonstrate a snatch, clean, deadlift or muscle up to a co-worker who looks at you like you’re from another planet when you describe what the WOD was

You love training and your co workers know it. You tell them everyday what the WOD was and have to give a movement demo for each movement you performed in the WOD because if it isn't a pump class a bicep curl or bench press they have no idea what you're talking about.