Claire's Journey... “I initially thought I had to be fit to do this. It’s only now I realise how wrong I was”

A 40 year old mother of 3, uni student and wife. Claire has a tight schedule. Every day is jam packed with running around to keep the house in order and making sure the family is looked after.

“Kids activities and life just took over. I had no time for myself”

Before joining CrossFit Agilis Claire played many sports. Hockey was her favourite. That was before kids activities and family life took over. So naturally the sport and exercise took a back seat. She took the focus off herself, her training and health.She focused on everyone else in her life and it took it’s toll.  

“I didn’t really know what I should be doing in the gym when I was by myself”

Claire has tried many gyms. All of them had equipment she had no idea how to use,  nobody talked to each other and the environment was not very motivating. Not to mention she didn’t exactly know what she should be doing.

There was no real encouragement to go along and train, no follow up or coaches to keep her accountable if she skipped a day.

She loved having others around to make training social and missed being led by a coach.   

During her first week of training she met 6 other Mums who were also first timers. This group of ladies still train with Claire and are love being seen as the seasoned vets when newcomers join the box.

“I initially thought I had to be fit to do this. It’s only now I realise how wrong I was”

This was a great start for Claire as initially she thought CrossFit training would be too hardcore and the others in the class would be superwomen.

As expected the first couple of weeks were tough. Getting back into training after a bit of time off was hard and she was sore most days. It didn’t take long for her tolerance to grow and she was no longer sore after every session. She now trains 5-6 times a week because she chooses to f it into her busy schedule.

“My joints are no longer sore because the muscles around them are strong.
I have gone down a size in clothing and my skin doesn't break out as often as it used to”

Fast forward 2 years and hundreds of workouts later! Claire is now one of or even the strongest woman in the gym. She even out lifts some of the guys!

Since starting CrossFit she has completed 2 coastal trek walks (55km) and a tough mudder as part of a team from the gym. All things which were not even in her thoughts 2 short years ago.

“It is the only thing I have stuck at for over a year- it is varied, challenging and fun. It is awesome!”