Advice to the Mums who have thought about trying CrossFit from the Mums who do CrossFit

Have you thought about trying CrossFit but your friends or family have told you that it is only for the super-fit? Have you been told about all of the injuries that come from those who do CrossFit? Well, here is the opinion of three ladies who chose not to listen to the negative talk and opinions of others and chose to have a go for themselves. These are just 3 of many who come to the gym everyday and bust their asses to become a better version of themselves, so they can lead a happy healthy life and be a good role model for their children.... 


Why did I choose CrossFit?
Well for me it was by accident! I was researching at the time some sort of fitness that I could do that would fit in with being a stay at home mum. Why, because I felt sluggish, no energy, empty, my moods were low and my son was getting to toddler age, it was becoming a struggle to get through the day. I knew something had to change but I also needed something that would allow me to take my son along without having to rely on hubby to be around so I could go! Gym crèche's freaked me out with the whole "germs" because P was born so early and very prone to picking everything up that went around! I read a few ads, researched what was available in the area and even spoke to about 2-3 personal trainers who ran classes around my area but nothing felt right - UNTIL i saw the ad on Inner West Mums and thought this looks interesting. 
I rocked up to my first class and by the end just thought OH MY what the (insert curse word here) is this! The next day everything hurt absolutely everything in my body hurt and in the past this would actually make me stop and look for an excuse not to turn up to the next class but for some reason I had committed with a girlfriend so I went along!
A year on, I absolutely LOVE IT! Some would say obsessed!!!  - I have lost 18kgs,  I feel fit, strong, my eating habits have improved, I now have energy to go about my day without collapsing at night, I can keep up with my son, my body shape has never been like this and my self confidence is improving daily. I would say that finding CrossFit "by accident" has been life changing. I have made lifetime friendships with women that are absolutely awesome and on the same page as me and it’s just great to turn up to training and know there is someone there that will push you to achieve your best! The coaches are great, each session is different but most of all it’s so much fun!
My advice to anyone considering CrossFit - just try it!
If you change nothing, nothing will change - I knew I had to do something, as my health was suffering and my family were suffering, I struggled with the "something" for so long until i decided enough was enough! You won't regret it. You deserve to be a better YOU!


Why did I choose CrossFit?
I wanted to be that mum who thought nothing of playing tag with their kids in the park. I didn't want to sit on the sidelines and watch my kids kick a ball or play tag. I wanted to have the strength and energy to play with them; on top of everything else I have to physically get done during the day.
I was sick of having niggling ailments. Getting a sore back and shoulders from everyday activities too dull to mention but we all know what they are. I was sick of feeling tired.
Since starting CrossFit my weight hasn't changed. But everything and I mean EVERYTHING else has. No shopping bags get left behind. I can piggy back my kids and play tag at the same time. My joints are no longer sore because the muscles around them are strong.
I have gone down a size in clothing. My skin doesn't break out as often as it used to. The niggles have virtually disappeared. I am actually wearing sleeveless shirts and am looking forward to summer! I no longer want to collapse in bed as soon as the kids go to sleep. I have energy and stamina. The classes I have been going to for a year now. All the people I train with are an amazing group of people who are as thrilled as I am when I conquer a goal or face a fear.
My advice to anyone considering CrossFit? Give it a go. If you don't change what you are doing now, nothing else is going to change in the future. It is the only thing I have stuck at for over a year- it is varied, it is challenging, it is fun. It is awesome!!!


I was one of the original members who signed up when the box opened - around the same time as other people in very similar situations who had never done CrossFit before.  We were all taught the correct movement techniques before we were put through our very first WOD.  The memory of how exhausted, but even more so, exhilarated I felt afterwards is enduring - it was that high I felt that first day that saw me coming back over and over again.  And a high that has not left me in the year since I first joined. 

In that year, I have surprised myself and time and time again with just how much improvement I've made.  I can lift heavier.  I can move faster.  I can and do continue to push myself beyond that point where I mentally think I can't keep going.  That's something that's gone beyond the four walls of the box.  It's an attitude I've been able to apply across all facets of my life - from my work to being a mum. 

In hindsight, joining CrossFit Agilis has changed my life - I've made the most amazing friendships with people who support me inside the box and outside of it.  I've found an activity that has improved my health & fitness levels in ways I hadn't even dared to imagine, which in turn has meant I'm a better mum because I have the energy to keep up with a super active 5 year old. I've even been able to compete in my first - but definitely not last - CrossFit competition with a team of absolutely first rate athletes and even more wonderful people. It sounds cliché but CrossFit Agilis has helped me realise what version of myself I want to be and its coaches and members are all there supporting me to make that a reality.