Member of the Year 2015 - Jenny Parkin

Jenny Parkin is one of our foundational members and has been at CrossFit Agilis since 11th August 2014 - just 1 week after we opened. Coming from a background of running to keep fit, she was recommended by a work friend to give CrossFit a go. Jenny and close friend Ellin were the first 2 people to join our "Kick Start" class, designed to encourage those new to CrossFit to try an easy workout and decide from there if they like it.



200m Run

Ab Mat sit up


Well, lets just say, we didn't think we would see either of the girls EVER again after that! We were super stoked to be proven wrong, with Jenny signing up that week and Ellin a couple of months down the track - to the mums class. 

Jenny has turned up consistently right from day one and has chipped away at various goals and movements, one day at a time. This methodical approach has seen her achieve all of her goals to date over the past 12 months (including her first pull up just this week). The pull up was the big one! With husband Dean present to witness the joy and excitement of the first pull up, it was the perfect way to top off an amazing year. On top of this fantastic approach to training, Jenny holds a high standard and pride in the work she puts in at the gym and possess the 4 qualities we are looking for in each person that walks through the door - every day!

Determination - To put your best foot forward every time you come into the box and give it 100%

Positive attitude - Towards training, learning and social activities

Integrity - No matter what the workout is, just get it done to the highest standard!

Have fun - Jenny always trains with a smile on her face and just stoked to improve everyday 

We spoke to Jenny and asked her:

1. What's your favourite movement?

It changes – whatever I’m close to hitting a goal, or rapidly improving at. At the moment that’s squats (finally getting somewhere), C&J and push ups. 

2. What's your favourite thing to eat after a workout?

Ummm… nothing in particular. But I’m definitely hungry! Chorizo and beans at Bar Contessa is a bit of a ritual after Saturday morning training. 

3. Can you remember your first CrossFit workout, if so how was that?

I did the intro class with my friend Ellin. I can’t remember exactly what the workout was but it was something like 21-15-9 of burpees and something else. I think we were the first people to do the free intro class and the guinea pigs for the workout. Because we struggled so much Shaun deliberately mis-counted the reps and later made the workout shorter for future groups. We couldn’t walk for about 3 days. 
But I also remember it being friendly and fun, and Ellin and I encouraging each other, a little sample of what it’s like training at Agilis.

4. Whats your least favourite movement?

Burpees, burpee box jumps, burpee broad jumps… you get the trend. Although I may have discovered a new least favourite last week with the 5m gasser shuttle runs. 

5. For people interested in starting CrossFit, what would you say to them?

There’s so much variety in what you’re doing, that it’s never boring and you’re always improving. The progress is really measurable which is very motivating. There’s lots of times I’ve been having a bad day, and then I go into CrossFit and manage to do something I haven’t done before and my mood changes completely. I was surprised how social CrossFit is – although you’re doing the workout individually, everyone encourages each other and celebrates successes together. What’s valued is putting the effort in and doing your own personal best, even if it’s very different to everyone else’s. Matt and Shaun create a really great atmosphere at the box that’s welcoming and supportive. 

Before I started CrossFit, I’d googled boxes a few times and then backed off because I thought it was too intimidating/male orientated/only for really fit people. None of that is true at CrossFit Agilis!

If there was a workout called "Jenny" it would be:

3 Rounds

20 Calorie Row

15 KB Swing

5 Clean and Jerk

Great job Jenny, can't wait to see what you can achieve over the next 12 months!