Confessions Of A Chalk Addict...

3--2-- 1 -- HANG ON!!!!!  


I need to chalk up!

How many times have you heard this. Just before a workout starts?

There is always someone who rushes to the bucket at the last second and needs to chalk up. It’s as if the white powder that resides in the bucket holds a magical power similar to the drug it resembles. I’m sure you know one addict in your gym and yes I was once one too!

Hi my name is Shaun and I was once a chalk addict. Here is my story…

My steep descent into chalk abuse began after first starting CrossFit. I wanted to be like the cool kids in the YouTube videos clapping their hands with small white clouds going everywhere. Their Reebok Nanos, kipping pull ups and Rx’d workouts!

Those guys and girls who used chalk could smash out their muscle ups with ease and lift super heavy weights on the bar. The one thing I saw in common with them was all they dipped their hands in the bucket and used it…

They would leave traces of it everywhere. The bar, their hands and all over their clothes.  

I knew it couldn’t be pure coincidence they were all able to do those things when the one thing they all had in common was the chalk bucket.

One day I mustered the courage to approach the bucket…

All the usuals were hanging around like the junkies they were. All getting their pre workout hit. I plunged my hands in and was surprised the effect was surprised I didn’t feel anything! No difference at all.

It wasn’t until I gripped the pull up bar I felt the super-powers kick in. Suddenly I was able to link my pull ups together without the fear of falling off. My grip felt so strong.  

I dropped from the bar and ran back to the bucket covering my hands with so much chalk I couldn’t see the colour of my skin.

Feeling the buzz I wrapped my hands around the barbell and it felt so secure. The grooves seemed to grip so much tighter in my palms and I had a feeling the bar would never slip through my sweaty hands again.

I started throwing the bar from the ground to over my head and didn’t even feel as if my palms were going to rip. I could really feel the chalk working it’s magic!

All of a sudden I needing it for every lift. I could no longer do back squats without chalking up.

Wall balls, burpees and pushups required me to dig my hands in just so i could get a hit... 

I was now going home with white residue everywhere... 

Fellow CrossFitters laugh at me and others just shake their heads. It was my choice to dip my hands in the bucket that one time.

And now I have to live with the consequences.

It took me a while but I was able to rid myself of the addiction to chalk up before burpees, squats and bench press... 

I know if I can do it I know you can to! 

Next time you go to dip your hands in the bucket first ask yourself do I really need this?