Why You Shouldn't Drive Past Your Local CrossFit Box Again

By now you have probably driven past your local CrossFit gym and seen a whole bunch of “Crazy people” running, jumping, throwing and lifting things on your drive to or from work and wondered why do they do it? Why would they do something which is perceived to be so hard and physically demanding day after day…

There are many benefits of exercise from a physical standpoint and they have been written about time and time again. Some include cardiac health, mobility, flexibility, strength and longevity, there are plenty more but you get the point. What about the mental health aspects? Mood, stress, tension, energy levels, emotions and attitude these are all just as important as the physical aspects and will help you stay on top of your game day in and day out.

Exercise is a great starting point to improving the mental aspects but adding a group element is even more beneficial. This is because it introduces a social aspect to the process. It contributes to you feeling a sense of group belonging and will lift your mood that day even if you are not feeling it. When you form positive attachments with others you increase your social support network, if you are feeling down you have more people who you can talk to and resources to draw on to bring your mood back up. Think about the most tightly knit groups in the fitness community, triathletes, cyclists, rugby, weightlifters, bodybuilders and yes CrossFitters. Fitness creates communities. It creates these communities through a sense of shared accomplishment. This is an old military trick to trigger mateship and camaraderie, get people to do something physically demanding together and break down the barriers, be vulnerable with each other and they will form a greater bond. This is why these groups tend to be seen together more regularly and have great friendships.   

Many of our members work in professions where they make critical and complex decisions everyday, some affect the lives of others, some have the stressful job of getting the kids ready for school drop off, some are running their own businesses. The demands of life outside may differ but the one thing everyone has in common when they arrive at the gym is they all have a need. The need to feel welcome, important and happy.

It is through interaction with each other and the coaches that this need is met. Having someone hold you accountable for showing up, being there to do the workout with a friend who is counting on you and going through the workout together. So next time you are wondering why those “crazy people” are doing what they do as you drive past why not stop in and see how you can get involved.

Do you lack the motivation to get out of bed to go to the gym at 6am. What else in your life are you lacking the motivation to complete?

Do you struggle to find the drive to do a workout? Where else in your life do you lack the drive to get the best results?

Do you find it impossible and make excuses to push yourself to your limits? What other challenging aspects in your life to you struggle to stay on top under stress and fatigue?

If you answered YES to any of these questions enter your details below so we can let you know how easy it is to get started with CrossFit Agilis.

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