3 Simple Tips For Training While Travelling

Let’s face it travel is part of our lives these days whether it comes as part of your job or you like to get away for a few weeks per year.

Do you find that while you’re away you stop training?

Do you hate the feeling of getting home and having to work hard at getting your fitness back? 

I know I do…

Here are the 3 things I always do when travelling to keep at least some of the fitness I have worked my ass off for!

1. Look up the nearest box on the affiliate finder map

CrossFit.com has an amazing tool on their website. The affiliate finder map. You can use this wherever you are to find the closest box or choose from a list of however many there are where you are staying. Here is the link https://map.crossfit.com/

A google search will do the same but if you just want the boxes in your area jump on the affiliate finder map!

Bonus tip:

Whatever you do please don’t just rock up to the box and say I am here for a workout because as an affiliate owner there is nothing more frustrating…

I love to be accommodating to drop ins because I too love the ability to train anywhere so I will always return the favour to those travelling. Drop ins do not keep the box running and as an affiliate owner my number one priority is my clients so they ALWAYS come first!

Do yourself and the box owner a favour and please either email them in advance or give them the courtesy of a call to let them know you want to come in and train. Also ask what time is preferable for you to come in and how much the drop in fee is.

2. If there is no box in your area what do you do…. Find any gym!

There are thousands of boxes worldwide but there are still plenty of places that do not have a box or you may find yourself on the other side of town with no way of getting there…

If this is the case find a gym any gym!

As a CrossFitter you are leaps and bounds ahead of the average punter who trains in a normal gym.  

If you have been training at a good box for long enough the coach should have taught you many things whether you realise it or not…

These things include how to scale movements, change movements around injuries, change movements due to a lack of equipment or partner workouts and how to work out in a small space.

These things all come in very handy when using a hotel gym.

Jump onto your affiliates website and look at the workout for the day and modify as required for your situation. Yes you will get funny looks and yes you will sometimes have to use your imagination but with a little common sense and sometimes imagination you can get anything done even in a normal gym if you put your mind to it!

3. Download the MyWod app or have your coach write up some travel workouts for you

The MyWod app has lots of good workout ideas for within a gym or outside. I downloaded it years ago and it was free but due to popularity I think the last I heard it is now $4.99. DEFINITELY worth the $5!!!!!!

The next best thing is to pay your coach to write a program for you. I like this option personally for two reasons.

One because if I pay money for something I value it and i will definitely go out of my way to do it.

Two the person who writes the program for me is likely to ask how I went with it so I feel a level of accountability to doing the workouts so I can tell them how i went.