The Secret To Successful Goal Setting

Do you have a yearly goal…..

Do you have a monthly goal…

Do you have daily goals…

If you don’t have any goals or you struggle to put them down on paper then this will be the most important thing you will read today!

It can be a training goal, a work goal, a relationship goal, anything that you are willing to work hard to achieve! Our goals are so varied and different that you have to make sure it is something that you and YOU alone want for the right reasons. Wanting it for the wrong reasons will in most cases NOT provide you with enough motivation to see it through. It has to be something which you truly want deep down and not just because somebody else has it or it is some materialistic thing.

I have recently started keeping myself accountable for aspects of my life which I know that I lack in or find it hard to stay motivated with. It’s hard to sit down and pick out the things you’re not good at and want to change them but when you do it is pretty hard to ignore these goals when you are constantly reminded about them EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have recently invested thousands into courses and read so many books to assist my self development and coaching. It is through these courses and the countless books I have read that I found the best way to keep myself accountable for the goals I set.

This is my system for setting goals…

Yearly goals:

Set out the thing or things you want to achieve in the next 12 months. This can range from relationship, training, promotions, holiday’s or how much money you want to have in the bank by a certain time. I like to start with 3 business/work, 3 Personal and 3 Lifestyle. These goals need to be BIG and should make you VERY nervous about achieving them. For goals like these to be successful you need to be able to create a vivid picture of it in your mind, the more detailed the better, the more nervous it makes you the better because the harder you will work to reach it and the more you will be willing to sacrifice to get there!

Monthly goals:

I then break those yearly goals down and ask myself what I need to achieve each month to reach that goal by the end of the year. If it is money in the bank it is easy each month I need to save X amount of dollars. These goals should be monitored at the end of every month at which time if you have failed to meet any of them must ask yourself WHY? Failure is not always a bad thing. We are taught as children growing up that failure is not good. Personally if I am not making mistakes or failing every now and then I don’t think I am trying hard enough. It is from these mistakes/failures that we find out so much more about ourselves. Why did I not exercise 5 times per week, why did I not stretch for 15 minutes per day, why did I not save the money I needed to this month to reach my yearly goal. By holding yourself accountable to these monthly goals your yearly goals will not seem so unachievable. They will be much more easily obtained and you can see the progress as it happens month by month!

Daily goals:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

~Aristotle ~  

From your monthly goals you need to break them down to 3-5 things you can do daily that will get you to reach your monthly goal! If you set these daily goals and you make it your days work to achieve them you are well on the way to smashing your yearly goals out of the park! Forming this daily habit of accomplishing the goals you have set out is the most satisfying thing you can do. I love nothing more than sitting down at the end of the day looking at my list and having everything ticked off. Of course there will be days when you don’t tick everything off but it is how you bounce back the next day that will determine whether you reach your goals.  


Once you have all of these things down on paper this is where the magic happens…

You know what things to implement into your day. You are motivated because you have just written them down. Now you need a process to follow… This is exactly what I have done for myself and for many clients. It has been hugely successful when followed and is an absolute game changer!

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You know there are things you want to achieve. You deserve them but… you need to take action!

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