The Real Truth About Post Workout Supplements:

Top 5 Questions Members Ask and Our Answers


1. What supplements should I take?

2. When should I take them?

3. Why should I use supplements?

4. What are the risks?

5. How much do I need to spend?


Q1. What supplements should I take?

In a perfect world, straight after a workout you would eat whole foods to replenish the stores

used and repair muscles, right? I’m not sure about you but for me, eating a meal

immediately after a workout is not going to happen. I generally need to wait an hour or so

post workout for this. Most people do. A protein supplement is the next best thing, and way

better than nothing.

Q2. When should I take them?

There is a window of gain: from the moment you finish training till around 30 minutes post

workout. During this time your body is craving carbohydrates and protein. If you leave it

longer than this your body can turn catabolic and eat your muscles to fuel itself. So you’re

pretty much losing  the gainz you just worked so hard for…

I don’t say this to scare you… I just don’t want you to work hard and not get the results you deserve.

Q3. Why should I use supplements?

Using a protein supplement is the easiest way to provide your body with what it needs

straight after a workout. You have just expended all your blood glucose (carbohydrates)

plus, created micro tears in your muscles. Your muscles require protein to build back stronger!

Q4. What are the risks?

The company we source our Protein powder from (True Protein) are a brand which we trust and use personally. We wouldn’t endorse something which we don’t believe in or don’t personally use.

Protein powders are a supplement and should be used as such. Grabbing a shake after a workout is not a substitute for having breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have any allergies or want a list of specific ingredients we can provide you with a full list.

Q5. How much do I need to spend?

The good news is, to get the full benefit out of each and every workout, you don’t have to

spend a fortune. You would have received an email recently about nutrition and it’s importance so this is just a quick guide for you. To help as many CFA members as we can we have made 3 options available:

Option 1: By the Workout (to try it out)

You can buy a shake after each session for $5. There will be no IOU’s. NO CASH NO SHAKE. If you forget your money I suggest you check out option 2 :-)  

WHAT TO DO NEXT: Simply bring your $5 to the gym each time you train

Option 2: 10 Shake Pack (includes 1 freebie!!)

A 10 shake pass for $50. This also includes 1 free shake. So it’s actually an

11 shake pass. This works out to $4.50 each…  You can purchase these

online at…

WHAT TO DO NEXT: go to  and buy your 10 pack. Each time you grab a shake after training we will tick it off your 10 pack.  

Option 3: CrossFit Fanatic (most cost effective)

If you train more frequently we have an unlimited option.

For $14.95 per week you can have a shake after every workout. Yes this means if you train 7 days a week you can have one each day…

This option works out the cheapest at $3.70 per shake if you’re having 4 per week. To make it easy this option can be added to your membership payment so please email: [email protected] to set this up on your direct debit.

There you go, your questions answered – simply pick which one suits you and enjoy the benefits of post-workout supplements.

See you in the Box again soon,