Skills development sessions are a great way to develop your athletic ability and improve on technical skills in all aspects of training such as;


Olympic Weight Lifting

Sports performance


Strong Man

Training for an event such as an Iron Man, Obstacle course race or upcoming football season

Nutrition and;

Goal setting and mindset



  • CrossFit Trainer – Level 1
  • CrossFit Strong Man
  • Army Combat Fitness Leader
  • Australian Weight Lifting (AWF) Sports Power Coach – L1
  • Cert 3 Fitness Instructor
  • Australian Professional Ski Instructor – Level 1
  • Sports massage

Matt’s goal as a CrossFit Coach

Whatever your fitness level, Matt is committed to help you improve your overall health and fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, develop your athletic performance or simply feel better about your life everyday. Together, realistic goals are set and then go after them, head-on, through strategic programming by overcoming all the challenges that quality Strength and Conditioning programming throws at you


Matt was brought up playing cricket, golf and snow skiing. If it was outdoors, he loved it. Later on he picked up water-skiing, touch football and mountain biking. During twelve incredible years with the Australian Army, six of them were spent as a Combat Fitness Leader (CFL). Matt learnt to bound walls, climb ropes, flip massive tires, push heavy vehicles and crawl through ditches. Three to five days a week Matt and the other CFLs ran intense physical training sessions ranging from strength conditioning circuits, obstacle courses and endurance sessions. CrossFit was a natural progression. During his last deployment to East Timor, Matt dedicated six months to CrossFit and the results were insane. It’s simple. You get out what you put in! During 2013 he completed the CrossFit level 1 trainers course and built a CrossFit box/gym at work. It was affiliated in November 2013 as CrossFit Overspeed. Being built for military members, the Soldiers and Officers really took to it, with the large work capacity and high energy output. Matt believes intense physical training should be enjoyable and always different. Repetition creates boredom. Constantly stimulating the mind and the body, combined with the CrossFit methodology and community environment, the results are dramatic!



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  • CrossFit Trainer - Level 1
  • ASCA - Level 1
  • Certificate III Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate IV Personal Trainer
  • Australian Weight Lifting (AWF) Sports Power Coach - L1
  • Trigger Point Performance certificate
  • Senior First aid and CPR


Since a young age, Shaun has been involved in many sports, including rugby league, touch football, volleyball, basketball and golf. While in the military he competed for representative sides in snowboarding, golf and rugby league. It was during this time in the military that he was introduced to CrossFit by a friend. Since then Shaun has completed his level 1 CrossFit trainer course and is also a qualified personal trainer. Shaun’s progress as an athlete in the sport of CrossFit has culminated in him competing at the 2014 Australian CrossFit regionals, which gave him valuable insight to and experience in competing at one of CrossFit’s highest levels.

Since beginning CrossFit Shaun has realised the benefit this methodology of training could have for any person who was willing to give it a go. The combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning means the variety of workouts is endless and each day will bring a new challenge or new skill to master.