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Marley's Organic Deodorant

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We wanted to introduce you to Madeleine Biancardi, the creator of her own natural skin-care business, Marley’s Organics

Over to you Maddy

I’m willing to make a bet with you …

I’m certain, you train really hard, you eat well and you probably get more than 8 hours sleep … but you are making ONE MASSIVE mistake

You are still using TOXIC CHEMICAL FILLED deodorant that is affecting your health and performance

I am willing to bet that your deodorant contains at least ONE of the following ingredients…

And it wouldn’t surprise me if your deodorant contained all FOUR!

For the Sprays:

  • Butane: derived from petroleum and natural gasses ...ekkk

  • Aluminium Chlorohydrate: It does a very good job acting as a PLUG in your sweat duct to stop sweat coming to the surface. You are supposed to sweat, you are born with 2-4 million sweat glands … it helps your body regulate internal temperatures and allows toxins to escape the body, when blocked the toxins can’t get out … so what happens, you become toxic!

  • PPG-14 Butyl Ether: made from a completely artificial petroleum product… part of the paraben family! They are thought to be a probable carcinogen, and also a big irritant to the skin

  • Fragrance:  Don’t be fooled, this is not one ingredient … it can be up to 5000 fragrance molecules, and can be substances which are synthetic, preservative or allergy-provoking… big irritants of skin

Now I won’t go on about it … but for the Roll-Ons, I bet you have this;

For The Roll-0ns

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate

  • Stearath-2 and/or 20

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Am I right?

Because if I am, I have the solution for you …

But let me tell you how I got here

I was fed up with all the toxins and chemicals used in commercially bought deodorants so I made the switch to go organic

Which was great because I now wasn’t spraying chemicals all over me … but there was ONE down fall

It didn’t work on me

I still stunk … nothing made me more embarrassed than lifting up my underarm and smelling of BO

I had to come up with a solution

The only way was to make my own …  I tried and tested many different formulas, and finally perfected an amazing formula, using only organic and natural ingredients

The best part … it actually works!

Here is what people had to say…

"So grateful I found Marley's Organics because it's so important to me to be using a deodorant that actually works whilst not having nasty chemicals. This deo is amazing! It feels great to put on, it will last for ages and everything to the service and packaging is just beautiful!

Most importantly perhaps, my stinky hubby bless him, who sweats within 5 mins of starting his day loves how it makes him feel and he doesn't smell! Yay! Thanks Marley!"

- Lauren Jobson


So pretty cool, huh?

And what’s even cooler, CrossFit Agilis is now stocking it

You are going to absolutely LOVE it; the deodorant is a beautiful blend of

  • Organic Coconut oil

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Organic Tapioca Flour

  • Organic Beeswax

  • Organic Lavender oil


We have a special offer for you...

Pick the hottest day with the hardest workout. Spray one arm with your normal deodorant that morning and use the organic deodorant on the other...

Hit the WOD as hard as you can and take a smell at the end

If you don't love the difference, I'll refund your money and you can keep the deodorant

**This offer only stands if you buy online** 


If you fall into the sceptical group? That's ok, you see it as just another organic product. So, I want to give you the opportunity to test this product on your own sweaty arm pits

Next time you're in for a WOD, ask the coach "I want the ONE arm pit test"

Try it out as above, if you still don't think it works and don't want to buy a bottle straight away, I'll personally go to Woolworths and buy you a can of your favourite chemicals to spray on your skin