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"Fuel your body Right" seminar

Eating right is hard. Preparing weekly meals is time consuming. It's ok to eat bad foods in moderation. 

These are all things which we have said ourselves or heard from others. We are prepared in every other aspect of our lives so why aren't we when it comes to food? 

My guess is before you go on a long road trip you make sure the car is full of fuel and I will go even further to say that you make sure it is the right fuel. We all know what happens if we don't put the right fuel into our cars. 

Why do we not do this with our bodies? We do not take the time to plan out how we are going to put good food into our bodies but then we expect it to perform long hours at work and intense training sessions and do it daily, week after week after week. Surely there will come a time when something has to give.....

We are so caught up in everything else that goes on we don't realise the damage we are doing to ourselves daily with the food we put into ourselves. There is so much conflicting information getting around that it is hard to know what or who to listen to. Let me tell you what we know about eating the right food. 

Since running the Whole Life Challenge at CFA in late 2015 we found that it is easy to eat the right food when people put their minds to it. The hardest part is eating enough to maintain a good balance between fat loss and muscle gain. The only person to successfully do this was Matt Williams. How did he do it you ask? We can put it down to a few simple things. 

He knew WHAT foods to eat, WHEN to eat them, WHY he was eating them. HOW TO make a food plan for the day/week/month. The importance SUPPLEMENTS make on recovery and the bodies ability to not eat it's own muscle to recover. The ability to read food labels CORRECTLY and the DISCIPLINE to prepare meals for the days to follow.

We want to share this information with you so you to can see the success that Matt did during the first challenge. Even if you aren't going to do the Whole Life Challenge and you just want to learn how to set yourself up for a 2016 with a better nutrition plan then this is for you! 

Saturday January 16th at 1030am we will be hosting our "FUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT" seminar. Places will be limited to 30 only so if you want to come don't hesitate. Click HERE to reserve your spot now!

Already registered for the Whole Life Challenge? Click HERE to get a discount on the "FUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT" seminar

"The Mediocre Teacher Tells. The Good Teacher Explains. The Superior Teacher Demonstrates. The Great Teacher Inspires." - William Arthur Ward

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