Constantly varied – Always changing the workouts

Functional movement – Simulating daily tasks in the gym environment using barbells, balls, boxes, etc.

High intensity – Increasing speed, repetitions, resistance and time to suit your ability. This is what gives us our increase in fitness

What is fitness?

Increased work capacity across broad times and modal domains. We are aiming to increase your ability to do work, to move large loads, a long distance, quickly.
Foundational skills of CrossFit
Agility, power, co-ordination, speed, balance, strength, flexibility, stamina, accuracy, endurance

Why do CrossFit?

Majority of people exercising in gyms across Australia lack the knowledge to provide themselves with safe and more importantly EFFECTIVE programming and nutrition. There are excellent Personal Trainers out there that can provide highly effective programming (at a large cost). Seeing a Personal Trainer 3 times a week can cost in excess of $150. With CrossFit, the most you will spend is $75 per week and you will receive unlimited technique coaching and classes plus more. Check out our memberships for details.

1. CrossFit provides a constantly varied programming style. That means you will do something different each time you come in. This is essential in achieving any sort of change in your body’s fitness

2. The movements and exercises are functional. Learning to Deadlift correctly and building strength will allow you to safely pick up a heavy box if you’re moving house. Correct squat technique will allow you to get up out of your chair at the age of 80 without assistance. These are 2 examples of many!

3. High intensity is a key component to CrossFit. Don’t be afraid, intensity is comparable to you and you only. You will run 400m in a different time and heart rate than others. In other words you get out what you put in.

4. We will do all of the programming. Every CrossFit workout is 100% scalable. Similar to intensity, weights and movements can be modified to suit your level without compromising your safety or the effectiveness of the workout

5. Most importantly, CrossFit is a community. The class environment creates an excellent level of strong will and determination. Our workouts are always difficult, however a real sense of achievement overwhelms you when you complete that last repetition. We will do everything we can to educate, develop and expand your knowledge of your body and the best way to treat it so you can live a long, healthy enjoyable life!